Welcome to the New Frontier! 

Each week, we’ll provide a New Frontier update on speeches given and speeches scheduled, articles submitted and articles that have been published. If you have anything happening, please let us know by emailing your update to



In 2017 we are revamping our talks and moving away from the TLA sponsorship. The new talks will be called Reptile in Practice. Instead of taking about how we conduct voir dire, we will have one of our best actually perform voir dire with a part of the audience, followed by a panel discussion. We will do the same for Openings, Cross and Direct Examination, and Closing. If you are a listserv moderator for your state, you can expect a call from us to participate as the moderator for these talks so we can build participation with your state’s listserv, at the seminars and with college course attendance.


I’m requesting a modification to the original project deadlines, after numerous requests for extensions and the fact that while most people are willing to help, they are also buried with trials, their practice and their lives in general. Instead of Dec. 31 of this year, a newly proposed deadline is Dec. 31 of next year (2017). Target remains the same: 50 articles. Method also remains the same: Publication in State TLA magazines, bar publications, newsletters, etc.


To date, the following articles have either been published or submitted for publication in the following jurisdictions:

  1. California – 1 fantastic article was submitted and published in the Advocate, care of Mindy Bish and Steve Stevens
  2. Colorado – 1 article published 10/2016 in Trial Talk
  3. Florida – an article was submitted, but the publisher asked for a re-write, article will be re-submitted shortly
  4. Georgia – article was submitted for publication and they expect it to be published in May
  5. Indiana – ITLA Verdict – 3 articles; The Importance of Safety Rules and Deterrence In Indiana Trials, The Reptile in Indiana and The Jury’s Role as The Conscience of The Community – 2017
  6. Louisiana – submitted an article to the LAJ, waiting to hear back to see if it was published, they’ve also had a couple articles published with the LAJ a year or 2 ago
  7. Massachusetts – Hoey said they’ve already had 2 articles published and that Massachusetts is covered
  8. Maryland – article submitted to the Washington Lawyer for publication
  9. Nevada – 3 articles published in last 6 months, 2 in the NJA Advocate and 1 in the State Bar magazine, The Nevada Lawyer, 3-5 more should be published by the end of the year
  10. North Carolina – had to revise and resubmit article to the NCAJ, waiting to hear back on publication
  11. Tennessee – attempting to publish an article with the TTLA, waiting to hear back on publication
  12. Texas – submitted multiple articles to the Texas Advocate and they did a presentation to a Bench Bar committee or conference on certain aspects of Reptile Law, I believe 1 article was published already, waiting to hear back on the others
  13. Washington – 1 article published in Washington State Association for Justice Trial New





All state chapters of the book are completed with the exception of Massachusetts, Utah, Indiana, Texas and South Carolina. We are waiting on authors to finish Indiana, Texas, and South Carolina right now. The Editor-in-Chief has started on the Massachusetts chapter, and we have someone who just started working on Utah.  That means we have authors working on the remaining five states needed.

All of the remaining state chapters have been edited for content.  The Editor-in-Chief has all but finished final editing on these chapters. Law review volunteers from the Oklahoma City University School of Law are checking citations and shepardizing the final drafts. The Editor-in-Chief has also written 20-plus pages of a scholarly “introduction” to the book.

We are in the home stretch.  We just need Massachusetts and Utah to help with finding a retired judge, judicial clerk, law school professor or lawyer to writer their state chapter following the template we have prepared.